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[Company Introduction]

1. Introduction

Leekun is a company that researches, develops, manufactures and supplies railway vehicle parts, railway vehicle electrical equipment and systems with the heart of railway vehicles and all customers.

Representative: Lee Yongbum

Business Registration Number: 127-86-14593

Business area: Railway vehicle, vehicle parts Digital product development / production / delivery

Capital: 300 million won

Total assets: 4.5 billion won


2. Company Vision

We re  implementing customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services based on technological environment and technology that is ahead of customers' needs and safety. It is our goal to contribute to the railway industry by creating customer satisfaction and trust.


3. History

2005. 06 Established TracTek (Representative Yong-Bum Lee)

2005. 12 Localization of MA Charging Device

2006. 06 Formal registration of Seoul Metro electronic card, PCB and SIV parts

2006. 11 Development of Gate Power and Gate Amplifier for Mitsubishi Propulsion Unit 4

2007. 08 Supplied SIV Toshiba type GTO UNIT

2007. 12  4 Line Configurator, Indicator Controller & Propulsion Control Device Gate Power, Gate Amp Supply

2008. 06 Supplied control unit, SQC unit and CHS STACK for line 7.8

2008. 10 Developed inverter control unit for 6th line (Mitsubishi IGBT type)

2008. 12 Localization of 4G line TGIS monitor

2009. 01 Changed the name of this company

2009. 05 Delivery of CMSB for 4th line

2009. 08 Developed and produced Rotem SIV controller

2009. 10 Development and delivery of SIV GDU (GEC type)

2009. 12 Developed 3VF, SIV controller for Busan Line 3

2010. 03 Supplied 12KVA auxiliary power supply (SIV) to Korea Railroad Research Institute

2010. 04 Signed MOU with ADU Device Urban Railway for Line 6 - Developed and Delivered

2010. 06 Delivered braking unit (EOD) of Korea Railroad Corporation

2011. 01 Supplyed 5 kinds of high pressure equipment including 56 volume CMSB, weekly controller, 190KVA SIV BOX

2011. 04 5th line improvement 190KVA Delivery of SIV BOX, DCCT BOX, IES BOX, MF BOX

2011. 06 Established R & D Center

2012. 03 Delivered CMSB box 9 set compatible with Hyundai / Daewoo / Ilsan line 4

2012. 04 Acquired Certificate of Clean Workplace in Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency

2012. 04 Acquired ISO9001 certification

2012. 10 Completion of the Project for Improving the Power Control System of the Future Railway Business Urban Railway Corporation (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

2012. 12 Development and Delivery of CMSB BOX 15Set of Korea Railroad Corporation

2012. 12 Korea Electric Railway Corporation's new electric locomotive 8200 repairing STACK and converter for Siemens power inverter (GTO)

2012. 12 Domestic development and supply of ATS on-board device and track signal device power supply of Daejeon Urban Railway Corporation

2012. 12 Localization of EC Rack for Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation Procurement Conditional Procurement in progress (Small and Medium Business Administration)

Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation M-CPU 1 and 2 others MOU concluded Local development underway

2013. 06 Improvement project with GTO stack and IGBT stack (under development)

2013. Obtained the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency's Risk Assessment Certificate

Development and delivery of Korea Railroad Corporation

Supplied localized OVCRf for Seoul Metro Line 1

Developed and supplied 27 points of inverter equipment to Korea Railway Corporation

Signed a research project agreement with IGBT converter / inverter stack for KOMIPO propulsion control device

2014. Developed GTO converter stack for Seoul Metro line 4

Developed and supplied ADU for Daegu Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation No. 2

Signed contract for the conditional development of MMI and other two stations of the Korea Railroad Corporation

Localization of EC Rack for Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation

Completed the project for improvement of the power control device of the Urban Railway Corporation of the National Development and Promotion Agency

Korea Railroad Corporation GTO Drive GA-85 Repair (1280EA) Contract / Delivery

Contracted with Busan Transportation Corporation for 360-degree modification (OTEC carrier) of heating & cooling switchboard

2015. Corporate Research Institute

Acquired venture company

Acquired INNO-BIZ certification

Localized development of electronic brake system (ECU) for line 4

Developing convergent ESS for nano carbon application for energy saving of lifting device (MOCIE) Production and delivery of APU (60KVA) for MRV & clean car of Incheon Airport Railroad

2016. Completion and relocation of building

Developed IGBT system for GTO converter Mitsubishi main line 4


4. Certificates



[Product Description]


Brake control device domestic development of ECU

Research Results
Land, Transport Science and Technology Development Agency National policy project(Seoul Metro)- on progress


Company Information

company information
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Tel 031-534-2873 Fax 031-534-2874
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