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[Company Introduction]


1. History

Established in 2015, Linearhub has made highly productive achievements for an early startup company in both commercial and technical sides as an enterprise collaboration and video conference SaaS vendor.  In June 2015, Linearhub deployed its collaboration tool for one of the largest enterprise groups in Korea and expanded subscription contract into 14 affiliated and partner companies of the group in May 2016.  Linearhub has also been selected as collaboration solution vendor for the largest telecom carrier in Korea, and will launch new unified communication service for small and medium enterprises in February 2017, integrating Roundee and Telco’s legacy services like IP telephony.  Linearhub has innovated its own cloud-based video conference solution by leveraging state-of-the-art open technologies like WebRTC and Artificial Intelligence, and has launched a standalone video conference SaaS app for industry-leading collaboration tool – Slack - users in September 2016

2. Company Vision

  Linearhub is a software vendor to position video conferencing as business intelligence tool beyond live communication tool by providing video conference platform which records and archives every conference in the cloud along with the full transcript and key words of the session automatically generated by AI platform mostly for the enterprise, organization and group users who use video conference in business operation, project management and team collaboration. 


3. Representative Business Models

In Korea, Linearhub is providing the video conferencing service integrated with its own collaboration tool to the large enterprises and telecommunication service providers, extending the market coverage into small and medium enterprises.


In the global market, especially in the USA market, Linearhub takes the different approach.  Linearhub provides the independent video conferencing service to the users of the widely-used collaboration platforms like Slack.  Linearhub has released roundee.io for Slack users, and will expand the service for such platforms like MS teams, Hipchat or Trello.   Roundee.io is in beta service now, and Linearhub plans to open paid-service by end of 2017.


Linearhub also believes its smart video conferencing service can find more values and opportunities in the B2C services.   Linearhub plans to release the video conferencing platform as a service product in 2017 with open API and mobile SDK for the services such as healthcare (tele-medicine), education, commerce and professional consulting like legal counselling.

4. Major Partners

Linearhub has made market entry first in the large enterprise market and carrier with the enterprise collaboration and video conference offering in Korea with private cloud and white labeling model, leveraging direct sales and strategic partnership with Korean SI partner and will extend the market coverage into small and medium enterprise market with SaaS model in Korea in cooperation with Telco.


In Korea and South East Asia market, Linearhub is actively developing the business opportunities from cooperation with Telco and System Integrator. Linearhub will move on to activating the MDM and Collaboration Platform routes in both product and business development sides in the global market including the USA and European market.

[Product Description]

Roundee.io is a smart video call service for Slack. With Roundee.io, you can start a video call in seconds by typing /roundee in your Slack channel. All the members of the channel will receive an automated message to join your call. Want to invite non Slack users? Use Roundee's email invitation tool to send non-Slack guests a link to join the meeting.


But that’s not all. Roundee.io can also take notes for you. It has the ability to turn your audio recording into a text document using automated transcription. No need to jump around your video or audio recording to find something that was said during the call. Now you can search through your conversation using keywords. Having a confidential call that you don't want to have recorded? Disable transcription and recording in one click when starting your conference.


Roundee provides an integrated Agenda that you can edit and collaborate on during your call. You don't have to create a separate document with your talking points anymore. Everything is in one place.


Once your call ends, Roundee.io will send all your documents to your Slack channel where they are easy to find. Documents include your video recording, transcription, agenda and meeting minutes. Looking for recordings from an older Roundee call? Type keywords of the meeting you're looking for in your Slack search bar and find what you need in seconds.


Roundee is secure. It encrypts both the signal of your video call and the media content, providing complete privacy. Roundee is also scalable, letting you add up to 32 guests in one single call!

[Product Features]

No installation of software required

Simply type “/roundee” to start video conference right from Slack channel


Easy participation

Invite any internal and external participants by simply sending a link directly using email address


Rich collaboration

Edit the meeting minutes live together during the session and share a screen or a document of any participant easily over the conference


Business intelligence

Transcribe audio conversation to text automatically and the video and meeting information are recorded and archived as knowledge base


Secure & Scalable

End to end encryption on both signal and media content with scalability supporting up to 32 participants in the simultaneous session

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company information
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Company LinearHub
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Innovation & Technology Business Partnering 2017 COEX Intercontinental, Seoul, South Korea 2017-03-29 ~ 2017-03-30
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