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(Updated : Feb/14/2017)
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[Company Introduction]

SCHEMWOO Co., Ltd. is a business for white oil lubricants, eco-friendly deodorant, disinfectants, air fresheners, Nano Materials, Nano and Nano zinc oxide dye Source materials business, marine parts design and 3D design, such as almonds, OWS, others that the powerful and future-oriented research and development projects Corporate trust and boundless commitment to the research and as a supplier A.

[Product Description]

Phytoncide means (antimicrobial substance from plants) and from a long time ago, to recover from fatigue or improve health,it was known as a good therapy to breathe good air and rest in forest.


[Product Features]


  • 1. Physical and psychological rest: it refreshes your mind and helps relieve your stress
  • 2. Purification of harmful toxins: it purifies harmful chemicals from the body
  • 3. Improvement of dermatological disease like atopic dermatitis: it has excellent effect of removing house dust and ticks that cause atopic dermatitis  and  allergy
  • 4. Air purification and deodorization: it is combined with odor molecules to remove odor naturally.
  • 5. Antibacterial and antimicrobial effects: it has a strong power to repel harmful bacteria and microbes
  • 6. Immune and therapeutic effects: it has been found to have effect on various diseases like cancer.

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