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(Updated : Feb/14/2017)
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SCHEMWOO Co., Ltd. is a business for white oil lubricants, eco-friendly deodorant, disinfectants, air fresheners, Nano Materials, Nano and Nano zinc oxide dye Source materials business, marine parts design and 3D design, such as almonds, OWS, others that the powerful and future-oriented research and development projects Corporate trust and boundless commitment to the research and as a supplier A.



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Let’s get away from the damaged hair and scalp and restart with the recovered healthy hair and scalp with Huttuyniacordata hair care and shampoo.

As seeds grow well in the fertile land, hair grows well on the healthy scalp.
Highly concentrated Huttuyniacordata hair care and shampoo moisturize and nourish the damaged hair and scalp and create protection film and also remove dandruff, itchiness, and waste stuck inside pores of the scalp so as to strengthen weak hair strands and help hair grow better.



Oriental-medicine ingredients (grown in Korea)

  • purified water, Houttuyniacordata, SaururuschinensisBaill, Salicisradiciscortex, Pleuropterusmultiflorusturcz, Thymus quinquecostatusCelak, Ecliptaprostrata, Siberian chrysanthemum, Peppermint, Sweet basil, Cette, Jones kelt, Licorice, Sage, HyssopKorean angelica root, Wheat flour, Olive liquid, Acacia collagen, Naturalpreservative High Cell, Natural flavor.

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