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HS CODE 848190
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ISO9001 , ISO14001,OHSAS18001, CE, ATEX
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[Company History]

  Since its foundation in 1986, EMICO has been on producing quality products and concentrating on continuous improvement to lead industrial flow control by electric actuation. EMICO is sharpening its competitive edge in production, management, R&D to meet customers’ requirement. At this very moment, EMICO is evolving to meet the rapidly changing industrial needs.

  The confidence in products is built on the principle that how to control flow is the key to safe and accurate industrial operation. With frontier technology and accumulated knowhow, EMICO provides the best products and customer service.

[Company Vision]

- To lead and develop industrial automation by devoting it high technology and knowhow to actuators

- To contribute to customers’ success and deliver exceptional results evermore

[Company Core Values]

- Innovation and continuous improvement – Promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Develop new and advanced solutions and initiatives.

- Commitment to quality- Uncompromising quality is reflected in products, services and business practices.

- Acting with integrity – The highest moral principles of honesty, respect, and courtesy at all times, taking responsibility and being accountable for what we do.

- Teamwork- Work as one team with shared goals. Communicate and share knowledge and embrace diversity.

[Major Partners]

A strong partnership all over the globe brings EMICO much closer to customers wherever and whenever technical and ort and dedicated customer service are needed. 

EMICO’s worldwide presence enables swift feedback to customers needing speedy solution and on-site service.

EMICO cooperates with global valve manufacturers and provides the customized products depending on each customer’s requirement and have various international certificates for hazardous and explosive area.

Our network all around the world enables the customer to have immediate technical solutions and services whenever needed. NOAH actuators meet global standards and have local backing. Local engineers of EMICO’s partners are trained at EMICO factory to serve customers with the most updated expertise. If the user is served by EMICO’s partner, the most professional supporting is provided. It’s a good chance for EMICO to

listen to lively stories of the field and it is reflected in our products. This intimate bond between local engineers and EMICO is the foundation of NOAH actuators’ satisfactory services and EMICO’s global business.

Installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, retrofit, repairs, and spare parts for replacement are available anytime needed.

[Product Description]

From individual daily lives to industrial places, there are flows to be controlled in the right place at the right time. Actuators operate and control both linear and rotary applications such as valves or dampers mechanically by the power of electricity, pneumatic pressure or other energy source. Noah actuators aren’t just machinery for the mine workers in a small island in Africa with frequent blackout due to poor electricity. Noah actuators help the flow be controlled during power failure and protect the people and place from secondary damage caused by sudden power failure.

[Product Features]

EMICO’s broad product ranges with the most up-to-date technology and tailored solutions satisfy customer’s requirements. SA series are for rotary applications with compact size and low torque. NA series cover comprehensive torque range with variant optional specifications. SR series are with fail action function. NL series are for linear type applications. MA series are with integrated functions for both linear and part turn movement.

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Jeongran Ju
Homepage www.emico.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/noah-actuation--1033662
Tel 028064263 Fax 028064266
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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