Hologen Free and Mud resistant Off shore cable(Pd No. : 3078768)

(Updated : Feb/15/2017)
product information
Model Nm NEK 606
HS CODE 854442
ISO9001, KHNP Supplier
Keywords NEK 606, Hologen Free and Mud resistant Off shore cable, HOLOGEN CABLE.
Seller ID shinkicable

[Company Introduction]

Shinki cable has been growing up as a cable product company for shipbuilding

and offshore plants since 1988.

It also newly settled in Jeonju-si with new global vision in 2010.

This company has globally been developing and producing shipboard cables,

off-shore cables, halogen free cables, and special purpose cables.

The company hopes that all kinds of ships with Shinki-made cables travel the five

seas and the six continents.

Shinki cable promises to innovate as a global leading cable company through

challenges and changes.

[Company History]

Mar. 1988

Established in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do province

Jan. 1999

Developed braiding and immersion coating process for naval vessel cables

Aug. 2001

Developed coating-process cable for Korean Nuclear plant

Jan. 2004

Produced shipboard cables (JIS type)

Jun. 2006

Produced RCOP cables and delivered to JS cable company

Apr. 2007

Installed an additional CCV LIVE (two-color extrusion)

Sep. 2007

Obtained ISO 9001:20000(Quality Management System Certification)

Dec. 2007

Selected as a Q-[ARTNER by LS Cable

Jul. 2008

Added quipment for CLF type cables ad produced the cables, cooperated with LS Cable

Jul. 2009

Contracted Jeonju factory site

Sep. 2009

Produced shipboard cable(HIS TYPE)

Sep. 2009

Changed ownership of Jeonju factory site/ Designed lay-out and began remodeling

Nov. 2009

Selected as amanagement innovation medium-sized business by the Small-Medium Business Administration

Jun. 2010

Moved to Jeonju factory site

Apr. 2011

Obtained KTC Electrical Appliances Safety Cert.

Aug. 2011

Produced ohhshore cables(SHF1) and delivered to LS Cable and JS Cable

Feb. 2012

Produced offshore cables(NEK606)

May. 2012

Obtained KS Quality Cert. (KS C 3341) and produced Type-p offshore cables

May. 2012

Produced powe cable( KS C 3341)

Jul. 2012

Produced photoelectric complex cables(iphone wireless repeater tower)

Dec. 2012

Produced military Vulcan cables

Jul. 2013

Obtained technology innovation cert(INNO-BIZ)

Jul. 2014

Installed additional CCV 120

Jul. 2015

Obtained Venture enterprize confirmation cert

Oct. 2015

Obtained UL44(Type SIS, Type XHHW)cert.

[Product Description]

*Cable Design



*Application Standard

  Design guide: NEK-606 & IEC60092-353

  Flame retardant: IEC 60332-1 & IEC 60332-3 Category A

  Halogen content: IEC 60754-1, 0.5% (below)

  Cold bend/impact: CSA 22.2 No.03 (-40℃/-35)

  Mud resistant: NEK606 (Mud type only

  Smoke light transmittance: IEC 61034, 60% (above)

  Sunlight (UV) resistant: UL 1581

[Product Features]



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Company Information

company information
Contact Person kyungho Shon
Company Shin Ki Cable
Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/shin-ki-cable--EC035469
Tel 0632149156 Fax 0632149157
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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2017 the 2st half Jeonju Biz meeting 2017-11-16 ~ 2017-11-16
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