New Eco Wrap(Pd No. : 3078754)

(Updated : Apr/18/2017)
product information
Model Nm New Eco Wrap 20cm X 200m
HS CODE 392010
M.O.Q 100 Carton Box
SQF code edition 7.1 level 2
Keywords Plastic Wrap, Eco-Friendly, Sliding cutter Wrap, Food Packing, Kitchen supplies,
Seller ID newwrap

[Company Introduction]

NEW WRAP INC Co., Ltd is creating living culture of eco-friendly food packaging, producing and distributing strictly selected and only eco-friendly product for customer satisfaction based on recognition rate of ‘NEW WRAP’ brand and product quality and doing best for ceaseless research and development.

We will provide the best quality at the lowest price to customers in association with domestic major distributors.



Be the most initiative company in eco-friendly plastic consumer goods on the basis of material fuse technique

[Company History]

2005  12 Established New Wrap INC

2006  01 Start supply to Costco Wholesale Korea, Family Mart, NH Hanaro Club

2007  03  Start Supply to Samsung Tesco

          07  Established Design Company Attached Laboratory

          12 Selected as Main-biz(Management Innovation Business)

2011  01 Start Supply Pulitoproducts to E Mart

          05  Apply for a patent (Wrap Film Storage : 10-2011-0016141)

          12 Selected as Inno-Biz

 < The Industrys 1st >  Acquire Carbon Emission Quantity Certification

 * Homeplus AlddulSanitary Glove 50pc, 100pc, 200pc

 * Homeplus Good Sanitary Glove 50pc

2012  01  Selected on Lotte Mart in China 1st Export

          04  Selected on Supporting Company 2012 Building a Learning Organization from HRDS of Korea  Start Supply to SK Happynarae MRO Speed mall

          09  Be awarded by minister of environment of Korea on Carbon Footprint vitalized company

          11  Be awarded at 7th corporate sustainability Management Award on top 1st prize on Environmental Sector

          12   Selected as Prospective Small Enterprise

                 Acquire Excellent Green Biz Certification (S Level)

2013  05  Selected as Innovative growth family company from GSBC

                Venture company Identification (R&D Sector)

          06  Be broadcast on MBN Jung Wan Jin The - CEO 78th (About Companys CSR)  Green Card Saving Enforcement

          09  [The Industrys 1st] Acquire SQF Code Edition 7.1 Level 2 Certification

2014  04  Acquire EL727 -  State Certified Eco-Label (New Eco Sanitation Glove)

          09  Acquire EL727 -  State Certified Eco-Label (New Eco Bag)

          12  Acquire EL727 -  State Certified Eco-Label (New Eco Wrap)

                Acquire EL727 -  State Certified Eco-Label (New Green Roll Bag)

2015  01  Acquire EL60 -  State Certified Eco-Label (New Paper Foil)

          02  Registration of patent Wrap film Storage Container (#10-142183)

[Product Description]

1. Use F.D.A requirement suitable raw-material

2. Use raw-material that acquire EL727 Eco-Label

3. Use ethanol that extract from sugarcane

4. Product quality is same as normal plastic food packages

5. Recyclable product and carbon emission quantity reduced product

6. Registration Patent: Wrap Film Storage Container (# 10-1492183)

7. Prevent that wrap film rolling back into case by anti-rewind coating on top of wrap case

8. Insert support fixture inside of wrap box for fastened roll of wrap for more soft unwind

9. Attached plastic sliding cutter rather than metal blades for easier and safer cutting

10. No possibility of insurance by metal blade

[Product Features]

- Material : LLDPE, LDPE

- Storage Temperature : 110°c ~ -60°c

- Thickness : 11

- Size : 20cm X 200m

- Quantity Per Box : 20EA

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person SongYi,HAN
Address Daepyeong-ro 548-66, Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea / Zip:17404
Homepage www.newwrap.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/new-wrap--1075435
Tel 0316327402 Fax 0316327493
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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