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[Development and Market Objectives]

Our objective is to develop the effective therapeutic drugs for the treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a respiratory fibrotic diseases. It will be the first siRNA-based therapeutic drug against IPF, fatal respiratory diseases with no available efficient drugs yet. We are developing multiple preclinical candidate substances for idiopathic lung fibrosis with overall evaluations of efficacy and PK/PD analysis, applying the SAMiRNA™ RNAi nanoparticle technology covered by patent protection.

[Unmet Medical Need & Target Patients]

Unmet medical need

•  The mortality rate for lung fibrosis is extremely high, with a 5-year survival rate lower

    than 30%. - Esbriet® (Pirfenidone) and Ofev® (Nintedanib), which are approved by

    FDA in 2014, is expensive and exhibits limited efficacy. Urgent need for the

    development of new effective drug which can actively reverse the process of fibrosis -   

    By developing potent antifibrotic agents, applications can be extended to diseases that

    are frequently accompanied by fibrosis (such as NASH, systemic scleroderma, etc).  

    Target patients -  Patients aged 50 and older, with lung fibrosis confirmed by high

    resolution computed Tomography (HRCT) or by surgical biopsy, with mild to moderate  

    symptoms between 50% to 80% on a post-bronchodilator forced vital capacity

    pulmonary function test.


•  In-vitro screening : Several hundreds of siRNA molecules were in-vitro screened to find

   highly specific and potent siRNAs against these target genes. Hundreds of SAMiRNA™

   have been synthesized and screened for the highly potent therapeutic candidates.

•  PK/PD
: PK/PD analysis of

  SAMiRNA was performed by in vivo imaging of biodistribution and real-time qPCR-based

  quantification of gene knock-down in various organs. SAMiRNAIPF is delivered to lung 

  only in the IPF induced model animals both of Bleomycin-induced and TGF-b transgenic

  model, consequently knock down.

•  in vivo  efficacy test: The efficacy of the SAMiRNA-IPF drug has been evaluated with

  TGF-ß transgenic & Bleomycin induced mouse models of pulmonary fibrosis. Based on

  these comprehensive evaluations, the candidates show the more significant therapeutic

  potential for IPF treatment than Pirfenidone of InterMune, Inc and FG-3019 (CTGF mAb)

  of Fibrogen, Inc.

[Intellectual Property]

•  Patents for the SAMiRNA™ RNAi drug platform (siRNA conjugate and preparing method

   thereof) have been filed for domestic and major international markets, including patents

   for specific fibrosis-related genes. The period of monopoly by 2035 will be obtained in the

   major markets by follow-up patent applications with further studies.

[Competitive Advantages]

•    Robust SAMiRNA™ technology fundamental patents for lung fibrosis-related siRNA


•    Synergy for the lung fibrosis treatment effect will be verified byadministration of an

     siRNA cocktail simultaneously targeting two critical genes.

•    Favorable comparisons for therapeutic effect in various animal models (TGF-β

     transgenic mouse model, smoking model, bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis mouse


•    Market assessment will be faster due to a shorter clinical trial period, as idiopathic lung

     fibrosis medicines are classified as orphan drug.

•    Potential extended applications for the diseases in other organs which are frequently

     accompanied with fibrosis symptoms (hepatocirrhosis, kidney fibrosis, etc).

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company information
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