AGV-Automatic Guided Vehicle, LiDAR(Pd No. : 3078536)

(Updated : Feb/06/2017)
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Model Nm
HS CODE 842890
Ceritification CE
Keywords AGV, Robot, Autonomous mobile robot, Sensor, LiDAR
Seller ID nsquare

[Company Introduction]

Nsquare has experienced and developed a variety of products in the areas of automated distribution and automated transport. Our main products include a control system for automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and automatic forklifts, which has been supplied to many customers, home and abroad.

In addition, Nsquare carries monitoring software and robot solutions which can be applied to various industries and has invested in R&D every year.


[Company History]


- Established an Gyeonggi-do branch office in Korea(October 2014)

- Signed a supply agreement to provide 20 products with Onyang Semiconductor of



- Newly supplied to Samsung Electronics in Gwangju and Gumi

- Received commendation from the governor of Chungcheongnam-do province / Main-biz.


- Signed a supply agreement to provide 64 AGVs to Samsung Electronics

  (in Onyang and Giheung in Korea, Sozhou in China).


- Carried out Samsung AGV remodeling projects.

- Started to supply AGVs to the Samsung workplace in Sozhou, China.

- Selected as a government task to develop high stacking and double loading

  automatic forklift 

  (The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, 1.4 billion KRW project cost

    for three years).

[Product Description]

AGV is an automated equipment (unmanual guided vehicle) designed to be used for distribution during supplies transportation/finished products transportation/test in various industries.

- Various load modes(Conveyor, multi-axis robot, forklift: fork-type, levitation, tractor)

- Various position sensing (Light-induced, magnetic induction, SPOT, laser-induced)

- Various controllers (Industrial computer, PLC, FIRMWARE)

- Easy-to-use software

   (Vehicle control system, remote vehicle control system, multi-monitoring and job

    statistics system )

- Various operational support software

   (3D motion simulator, load and unload logic builder, transporting layout builder, cargo    volume simulator )

*Advantages of Nsquare AGV

- Packaged of Control system

- Because an industrial PC is applied as the major controller. It is versatile and flexible with low price

- Applied and developed with more advanced technologies  and the universal language compared to overseas competing products, which enables easy maintenance and upgrading and high compatibility with major peripheral controllers.

[Product Features]

Small size AGV

- Loading weight: 200kg

- Automatic transfer of Semiconductor manufacturing process

- Transportation of other small cargo

Medium size AGV

- Loading weight: 500kg

- Automatic transfer of semiconductor, Display manufacturing process

- Transportation of other medium and large cargo

Large size AGV

- Loading weight: 1Ton ~ 5Ton

- Automatic transfer of Metal Mold

- Transportation of other heavy cargo

Company Information

company information
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Homepage www.lgv.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/nsquare--EC131107
Tel 041-589-0520 Fax 041-589-0522
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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