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[Company Introduction]


ILJI TECH specialized in the automobile parts business is putting its all resources into continuous R&D and investment for the future, based on its vast technology and zero-defect quality as a manufacturer of auto body parts and cutting edge molds. ILJI TECH, under the management philosophy of “best quality & best technology”, also produces and supplies flawless products for the benefits of customer satisfaction. All employees of ILJI TECH will do their best efforts to open the future of the automobile industry under the corporate philosophy of respect for human beings and environmental protection.


1. History

1986 10 Established Shina Engineering Co., Ltd.

1987 09 Registered as a partner company of Hyundai Motors Co.,

1992 Registered as a 10 KOSDAQ listed company

1992 06 Established Research Institute of Technology

1996 12 Awarded the Grand Prize of Small and Medium Business of Gyeongbuk Province

1997 07 Changed the name to Ilji Tech Co., Ltd.

1997 10 ISO9002: Quality System Certification

2000 05 Awarded Small and Medium Business Presidential

2003 09 Mold factory was newly built

2004 05 Awarded a bronze tower industry medal as exemplary small business

2004 06 ISO 14001: Environmental Management System Certification 

2005 02 Single PPM Quality Certification

2006 03 Awarded the Best Taxpayer Award by the Minister of Finance and Economy 

2009 07 Acquired INNO-BIZ

2011 01 Establishment of Beijing Jiji Trading Co., Ltd. in China

2011 12 Grand Prize in the Automotive Parts Industry (Ministry of Knowledge Economy Award)

2012 06 Selected as a Korean Hidden Champion upbringing company

2012 04 Gyeongbuk Pride Product Selection

2014 02 Selected as a root technology specialized company

2014 03 Awarded the Presidential Commendation on the 45th Commercial Day

2014 09 Established Kyungju factory of Ilji Tech Co., Ltd.

2014 12 Acquired 5 star quality of Hyundai Motors

2015 04 Acquired AEO certification / Awarded a prize of Prime Minister of Korea

2016 09 World Class 300 selected





2. Company Vision

ILJITECH established the vision of 'GLOBAL TOP10' for automobile body parts industry. We are working hard to achieve 'Achieving 1 trillion sales in 2025' / 'Establishing two overseas factories' / 'Entering 100 companies that want to work'

We will open up the future of the auto parts industry in the global era by pursuing the business philosophy of ‘Quality is the best’ , ‘Technology is the best’ and ‘respect for human’

3. Representative Business Model

ILJITECH is an automobile body parts company which produces automobile body module unit parts. DASH COMPL located on the front of the driver's cab, SIDE COMPL located on the side of the car body, and CTR FLR COMPL connecting the bottom and front of the vehicle body are typical business models.


4. Major Partners

The main partner of Iljitec is Hyundai Motor Company and we are striving to attract many customers.

[Product Description]

Located on the front of the driver's seat in the body of the car, it is the wall separating the engine room and inside the car. It prevents the engine room noise and dust from entering inside the car.


Dash made with light weight hybrid materials

•Light weight & vibration damping

•Cost reduction due to removal of noise & vibration pads

•Reducing weight by over 20% by adopting a hybrid vibration  damping steel plate with light weight 




[Applied New Technology]




1. Design / Analysis / Test

-Computer-aided design, analysis & test of a product before manufacturing contribute to design of auto body parts, cost reduction, quality improvement, enhancement of productivity and reliability.


-3D Design: 3-dimensional design of part & mold makes it possible to inspect problems such as intervening sections in advance through simulation


-Forming Analysis: Expected various problems such as formability can be checked beforehand through forming analysis. Once such expected problems are supplemented after forming analysis, it can be applied to layout design.



-Product Performance Test: High performance test by using highly functional experiment & analysis equipment



2. Hot stamping

-Technology to manufacture high strength parts by heating a steel plate in a heating furnace, and forming and quenching it in a mold



Light Weight Effect

Reducing auto body weight by over 15% as a supporting part can be removed due to enhanced strength of a new part

• Reduction of auto body weight makes it possible to comply with environmental laws & regulations on the control of CO2 in the emission.


High Strength Effect

Manufacturing the high strength auto body over 1500MPa class by conducting heat treatment of Boron steel

• Enhanced durability due to a highly strengthened auto body makes it possible to comply with stricter laws & regulations on collision & safety of automobiles.


3. Mg alloy

-Technology to manufacture automobile parts by using excellent strength, innate vibration damping and electromagnetic wave shielding capability of the magnesium, the lightest of all metals



4. Clad metal

-Materials bound with different kinds of metals on one or both sides Weight of a Cu / Al / Cu clad metal can be reduced by over 40% compared to Cu.


5. Vibration Damping Steel Plate

-Materials with vibration damping capability and functionality,  are made by binding same or different kinds of materials with visco-elastic resin.




-Composite materials in which synthetic resin is mixed with carbon fiber: Its weight is only 20% of iron and its strength and elasticity are 7~10 times better than iron.



7. Laser Welding Technology

-Technology for auto body weight reduction and enhancement of safety & productivity, catering for weight reduction and high performance of automobiles: Method to bind a base metal with a laser heat source.



8. Multi-Axes Control Spot Welding System

-Low cost & high efficiency assembly system tailored to SMEs

9. Double Decked Shuttle System

-New weld assembly system composed of 2 decks, in which enhancement of productivity and mixed production of different parts are feasible due to divided work of the welding robot and feeder robot and technology interlocking shuttle and robot


10. Multi-Axes Control Spot Welding System

Welding time is reduced because 1 step 2 spot continuous welding of flat & stepped surfaces is feasible.

• Investment for Jig, Robot, Welding gun, etc is reduced and space utilization can be enhanced, due to reduction of processes.


Company Information

company information
Contact Person Leeyundong
Homepage www.iljitech.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/ilji-technology--1031228
Tel 0538568080 Fax 0538561889
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