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(Updated : Jan/25/2017)
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Model Nm VMS-SB
HS CODE 853080
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[Company Introduction]


1. History

- 2013.07 Established Do-Nam Co., Ltd. (Capital: 200 million won)

- 2013.12 Signed license agreement for exclusive use of VMS from Kookmin University

- 2014.12 Acquired 12 kinds of VMS patents from Kookmin University

- 2016.04 Begin work on improvement of PVMS trailer type

(R & D project order from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

- 2016.11 Patent registration of portable VMS (SMART BOARD)

2. Company Vision

: Do-Nam Co., Ltd has the core aim which is "Meet Customers' Value Beyond Their Expectation" and try to become a No.1 company in the field of Dynamic Signage and VMS (Variable Traffic Signs)


- Sustainable: Establish sustainable growth footing with corporate social responsibility

- Passionate: Commitment and enthusiasm for work with self-esteem of employees

- Experimental: Experimenting new things and realizing customer expectations through internalizing knowledge

- Collaborative: Combine industry and element technology to offer the best solution to various customer needs


3. Business Model


1) Business Model Concept: DONAM Co., Ltd. will present business models that are optimized for various customers and application environment based on the currently developed biaxial mobile VMS and mobile VMS.

Industrial layer

(Main Business Area)


Sales Layer

(Business Interface)

Strategy 1) Customer diversification

Strategy 2) Diversified contents

Strategy 3) Leading industry standards

Basic Layer

(Infrastructure Area)

Biaxial moving type VMS

Vehicle moving type VMS


2) Future Business Model Blueprint

: It is expected that the VMS market will gradually develop into an associated industry, and eventually it will be transformed into an information display environment called Digital Signage.

* Future VMS development model

- Traffic information acquisition means change



- Change of contents





3) Marketing Strategy_STP





Having a specific product line-up and leading the market

Industry Leader

Leading the market with various product line-ups


Has a specific product line-up and lacks technology

Leader Follower

Various product line-ups but lack of technology


-Targeting & Positioning


*Target Market Entry Concept

- Selection of target market that minimizes cost investment considering business start stage

- Utilizing the technical advantages of a particular market and maximizing the efficiency of limited resources

- As a volunteer, we approach the market and prepare complementary measures to respond positively to customer needs change.

4) Marketing Strategy_Marketing Mix Strategy




- Feature: Utilizing the technical advantages of a specific market

- Feature: Selected as the main customer for the direct industrial area for the product and selected the similar market as the sub-customer to maximize the import

- Plan: VMS and PVMS produced through R & D were selected as target products.

-Plan: Designated as a main customer, major public institutions, local governments, etc. as the main customers, the construction companies, advertising companies, safety sites, and airports that can use the content except the displayed contents as sub-customers



- Feature: Present price policy step by step considering cost invested in initial research, development, commercialization, life cycle of product

- Feature: Secures product sales opportunity through direct / indirect sales channels with major customers (major institutions, local governments, etc.)

- Plan: Ensure sufficient margins to the stage of recovering the initial investment and re-establish the pricing policy by analyzing the total cost when the break-even point is reached.

- Plan: Secure direct sales channel through participation in traffic and ITS-related exhibitions

- Establish a sales channel with major customers and conduct technical operations to promote commercialization.


4. Major Partners

1) Chungnam (machinery): machinery equipment company

  2) KSM: Casting manufacturer

  3) STM: Slim sign board production, S / W development, maintenance

  4) Korea sign: Electric signboard production, S / W development, maintenance

  5) Mortex: machinery equipment manufacturer, installation of equipment

  6) Kookmin University: R & D and technical support

[Product Description]


1) Portable VMS Overview

- Lightweight ventilated LED display

- Multiple power supply (slim lithium battery, always power)

- Mobile App Expression Control / Remote Operation Management

- Foldable portable structure (27kg body)



2) Design Feature
: It is convenient for moving or storing by applying a folding structure.
- Full Color LED Module: Because of free video display and good visibility, the message is recognized effectively.
- Image expressed: Implemented unlimitedly depending on input source such as video, typography, text, pictogram.
- Design: Improve the level of road environment by applying sophisticated design.
- Use: road safety signs, gas station oil price information, events, PR, etc.

3) Component configuration and coupling diagram

: Each component designed with plug-in method to minimize cable is easy to disassemble and assemble, making it easy to upgrade or expand parts.
Parts manufactured by extrusion and injection method have less assembly deviation and can minimize post-processing and reduce production process and cost.
Newly applied waterproof construction meets IP regulations.





[Product Features]

1) SMART BOARD with slim and lightweight mobility
2) Multiple power supply (always power, battery, generator)
3) Folding structure and weight 27Kg
4) Efficient operation through BMS (Battery Management System) support
5) Moving up and down the display part to increase visibility
6) Easy expansion of the display part if necessary
7) Application of mobile operating app system

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company information
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