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(Updated : Jan/25/2017)
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[Company Introduction]


1. History


Founded in November 22, 2011

Released automatically adjustable new pillow in June 20, 2016.

(New kind of pillow that differentiates itself from pillows at home and abroad)

2. IP rights holdings


Pillow: 3 utility model registrations. -design registration, trademark registrations, patent registration of new pillow in China.

Mat: Registered 4 patents and utility models. Patent application for one mat using air

3. Company Vision


We pursue the development of the sleep industry by pursuing health, developing and manufacturing sleeping and health-friendly products.

We are applying for a patent for a mat for four seasons using air and preparing it for commercialization.



[Product Description]


Automatically adjusted Customized healthy pillow

  Depending on the position when you sleep, the customized healthy pillow is automatically adjusted to fit the height of the pillow.

  It is the best way to use pillows that fit the height of the pillow according to your sleeping position in order to get a comfortable sleep and get proper support to your head, neck, shoulder and spine.

  Health Custom Pillow is that you select the pillow which is suitable for your weight. It adjusts the height of the pillow that will support your head, neck and shoulder according to your body shape and sleeping posture, and you can use it conveniently.

 There are five types of pillows for your weight 56 ~ 130kg and providing a customized pillow by filling out the application form.

  If the height of the pillow is too high or low which is not fitted to the body, the weight pressure on the head compresses the blood vessels, muscles, nerves, cervical spine, respiratory organs and skin tissue.

  The symptoms related to pain, stiffness, breathing anxiety, and deformity of the neck do not allow you to sleep comfortably, and your body will not function reliably due to lack of sleep.

  Health care pillows are good for young people because they support the head and shoulders of the spine correctly, especially for the middle-aged people and parents who have low body function.

It will also help people with neck deformities.

 The population of the elderly is increasing worldwide.

As an alternative to this, it is realistic and the best choice to help you sleep comfortably by providing a pillow that fits your body according to your sleeping position.

Use your health pillow tonight to get a good night's sleep and be healthy.

It is 'Health Secret' that pursues health and makes good products for health and sleep.

[Product Features]

1. Using a weight-appropriate pillow adjusts the height of the pillow to support your head neck shoulder according to your sleeping position.

2. Use the right side of the center part. The left and right side parts are laid sideways.

3. The pressure of the weight applied to the head is distributed to the head neck shoulder spine to protect the blood vessels, muscles, nerves, cervical spine, respiratory system and skin tissue.

4. It relieves pain, stiffness, breathing anxiety and cervical deformation which are caused by partial compression, and helps to get comfortable sleep.

5. As the pillow moves up and down, the body is turned to the left and right, and it becomes the opponent.

(Normal people 20 to 30 times immediately or sideways to change the posture to change the posture)

6. Use a spring to loosen the neck and correct posture.

7. As the pillow moves up and down, the air in the pillow is forcibly moved to adjust the temperature in the pillow.

8. Knowing your weight makes it easy and convenient to choose a pillow without the help of an expert.

9. The cushion part is not too hard or too soft, but it gives it right.

10. Functionality and convenience are maintained and the pillow life is long.

11. The left, middle, and right side of the pillow can be easily and conveniently adjusted to the height of the pillow by dials and spring adjusters.

12. Lavender herb pack in the left and right pockets to help sleep.

13. Depending on the characteristics of neck and spine, it is possible to provide custom pillows easily and conveniently by completing application form.

14. Clean the tarpaulins in the cover and cover to use them hygienically.

15. It is a good pillow for young people, but especially for middle-aged people and parents who have low body function.

Composition of health custom pillow

  The pillow is made up of the right part, center part, and left part using the middle plate top plate of the bottom plate, and the pillow is moved up and down by combining the spring, the lever, the dial and the spring control part.

  Adjust the height of the pillow with the dial control and turn the spring elasticity adjuster to adjust it high or low within the set range.

  The upper part of the pillow is completed by attaching a highly elastic sponge and polysom to the cushion house and the upper part of the cushion house to the waterproof cover made of mesh and tarpaulins with a Velcro and covering it with a cover.

Open the zipper on the cover and wash the tarpaulin and cover for hygienic use.

Types of pillows

One type of HP-2002 (56 ~ 70kg). Weight of 56 ~ 70kg.

Pillow HP-2013 (71 ~ 85kg) made by adding automatic adjustment function to weight 71 ~ 130kg.

2014 (86-100kg). 2015 (101 ~ 115kg). 2016 (116 ~ 130kg) 4 types.

Depending on the characteristics of the neck or spine, it is possible to provide custom pillows easily and conveniently by completing the purchase application form.

How to use the pillow

1. Choose a pillow that fits your weight and use the high and protruding part of the pillow on your shoulder.

2. If you are using a mat or bed with a cushioning feel, use a pillow below. (Eg. HP-2013 pillow for 90 kg)

3. It is best to use the center part to lay down and to use the left and right parts lying on the side.

The Effect of Sleep

  If you take a deep sleep at night, the longer you sleep, the better you will be able to promote good hormone secretion, synthesize proteins, remove nerve endotoxins from the nervous system, help the brain develop,and help improve immunity and memory processing.

  It stimulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism, helps to form bones, circulates blood and joints evenly, and restores fatigue, exhausts waste, and accumulates energy to improve health.

  Melatonin, which encourages sleeping as the sun begins to fall, comes down to lower the pulse, body temperature, and blood pressure to control the rhythm of sleep and arousal, so that it sleeps naturally.

  From 10 o'clock at night to 1 o'clock, melatonin substances reach the peak of secretion and then gradually decrease since the adjustment of sleep time and dark at night is a way to increase the effect of sleep.

The Effect of Flipping

  A normal person is said to be about 20 to 30 times to change the posture to sleep immediately or sideways.

  Flipping involves adjusting the body temperature, helping circulation, adjusting the temperature and humidity of the bed. By distributing the body weight pressure (8% head, 33% shoulder, 44% hip, 15% leg) and the body weight pressure added to the head,  it reduces partial pressure, improves blood flow, prevents muscle stiffness, reduces pain and stiffness, reduces respiratory anxiety caused by pressure on the respiratory tract, reduces neck deformity, circulates the flow of joint fluid well, and relieves fatigue. These are why you must flip while you sleep.

Composition of neck

The neck is composed of various blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries) and muscles, nerves (autonomic nerves, motor nerves, sensory nerves, 8 neck nerves), respiratory muscles, cervical vertebra (7 bones, discs, ligaments, spinal cord) It must be organized and connected to the head and well protected.

A pillow that does not fit the body

 Neck (C) and vertebrae (S) can not be properly supported.

 The pressure of the weight on the head (8% of body weight) can not be dispersed to the head, neck, shoulders, or spine.

  Partial compression of the blood vessels, muscles, nerves, cervical spine, respiratory organs, discs, and skin tissues that make up the head neck shoulder causes sleep disorders and associated diseases, diminishes the function of the body, deforms the neck, Fatigue is not solved.

  The lack of time to sleep lowers the function of protein synthesis, toxin elimination, brain development, physical restoration, immunity enhancement, memory processing, bone formation and growth, waste disposal, energy accumulation, and aggravates health and builds up fatigue .

  Depending on your sleeping position, using a pillow that fits your body will be the best way to sleep and your health.


1. You have to sleep and you have to be right or next to your head.

(Normal people 20 ~ 30 times to return)

2. If you put your bedding on the bed and take a sleep, you will get some sleep disturbance due to partial pressure.

3. Be careful not to bend the pillow or to cause a bad impact if you apply a heavy impact.

4. Be careful when throwing a pillow to a person or fighting with a pillow.

5. Be careful not to make automatic adjustment when turning control knob to the left too much.

6. When washing the tarpaulin and cover that are attached to the cushion house, twist it too much and deform the fabric.

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company information
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