Automatic Multi Wire TIG Welding system(Pd No. : 3078004)

(Updated : Jan/24/2017)
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Model Nm Multi Wire TIG Welder
HS CODE 851580
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Keywords Automatic Welding, Orbital Welding, FCAW, GMAW, SAW
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[Company History]


Hongjin Company, Inc. establishment

Test applied toHDEC Saudi Aramco KONE Pipe Rack


Applied Orbital FCAW Syste(HongJin) to the Hyundai E&C

construction site in Turkmenistan 


Applied Orbital FCAW System(HongJin) for Jeddah Power Plant 

Proceeded the project of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd


Orbital FCAW System fully applied to Iraq IONE(Karbala) Refinery Project

Registered as a cooperator of Samsung Heavy Industries co., ltd.

Won the Hyundai E&C Technology Grand Awards 

(pipe automatic welding system)

Exported the pipe automatic welding system to Turkey

Exported the pipe automatic welding system to the UAE

Super TIG Welding technology transferred from Pukyong National University in 2016 

Orbital FCAW System fully applied to Venezuela Puerto LA CRUZ Refinery Project

Registered as a cooperation company of Hyundai E&C 

Selected as a research & development business company in Ulsan city

Selected as a supported company of Root industry competitiveness support business by KITECH

Selected as a Technical Doctor business in Ulsan city

[Company Vision]

Faith, Challenge, Passion and Jump 

[Representative Business Model]

Orbital FCAW welding system

Auto Multi Wire TIG welding system 

Orbital GMAW welding system 

Welding automation business

[Major Partners]

HyunDai Engineering & Construction (HDEC) 

HyunDai Engineering (HEC)

HyunDai Heavy Industries(HHI)

Korea EPC company etc.

[Product Description]

Multi wire TIG welding Process was developed by HongJin and acquired the patent in 2016. This welding process uses a single or multi standard round type wire(wires) to achieve the high productivity and the high quality of welding with only GTAW process. Single wire will be selected for a root pass weld or the narrow groove weld and the multi wires(2-5) will be selected to perform a wide weld bead with high welding current to achieve the high deposit rate.  It can be applied for the butt joint welding including the root pass without backing and Overlay welding.

[Product Specification]

Use a standard wire to be prepared for TIG/MIG with reasonable price

• Selecting single wire or multi wires depend son the application on one machine

• Perform a root pass to Cap Pass Welding of pipe with one welding machine

• Perform a high deposition welding with multi wires and high current (Max. 120 g/min)

• Applied to many kind of base metals (Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy)

• Perform high productivity and high Quality welding with GTAW process

• No Spatter, No Slag

• Remote Visual Monitoring System(Option)



  Power Source

DC 600 (Pulse)

  Using wire

  0.9-1.2mm x 5

  Wire Feeding Speed

  0 ~ 10m/Min.

  TIG Torch

  500Amp at Duty 100% (Water Cooled Type)

  Tungsten E-Dia.

  2.4 ~ 5.0mm

  Welding Speed

  5 ~ 70 cm/Min. (Positioner / Rotator)

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