Sterilizer Vray - Multi purpose Sterilizer(Pd No. : 3077949)

(Updated : Aug/02/2017)
product information
Model Nm Vray-#003
HS CODE 854370
M.O.Q 2,000
Keywords UV Sterilizer, Baby Sterilizer UV Sterilizer, Baby Care Sterilizer, Sterilizer, Pet Sterilizer, Pet
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[Company Introduction]

1. History
2015. 07.09 Establishment of Prime Tech Co., Ltd.
2015. 09      1st design development
2015. 10      Circuit development

2015. 12      Patent, design, trademark application
2016. 03      Patent registration (No. 10-1607277)
                    Venture Business Certification
2016. 05      Second design development
2016. 09      Japanese Patent, design right, trademark application
                    Participated in the 82nd Tokyo GIFTSHOW

2016. 12      PCT application
2017. 02      Participated in NY NOW exhibition

2. Company Vision
   We developed an ultraviolet sterilizer that can be conveniently used in real life due to the anxiety and fear of germs.
  Started with the anxiety about the bacteria that the CEO felt and experienced, it is expected that the feeling of anxiety in most domestic and oversea families  if there is a baby.
   As a result of market surveys both at home and abroad, the market for baby food has grown rapidly, but there are few products to improve the living environment of infants.

   In other words, although there are a few sterilizers, so we concluded that there are fer real products.
   As a result, we have developed a rechargeable ultraviolet sterilizer that can be used periodically in real life. We will lead the domestic and overseas UV sterilizer market, confirming that it is a product that can be welcomed in overseas markets.

3. Representative business model
   The business model is the ultraviolet sterilizer that can be used mainly in children products in homes with weak infants
  It helps to improve the living environment of the family members as well as the infants by using the child care goods mainly in homes with infants.

4. Status of major partners
 PHILIPS KOREA, MS Mold Etching, Protec, Anjunsa, Komo Trade etc.



[Product Description]


   A large number of casualties have been caused by bacterial infections around the world.
Especially, infants with weak immunity may be more fatal than adults in case of bacterial infection, so it is necessary to pay more attention to sterilization. However, sterilization becomes more difficult due to diversification of type, shape and material of childcare products.
  Vray is an ultraviolet sterilizer that can be used regardless of the type, shape, and material of the childcare products. By irradiating ultraviolet sterilizer light, 99.99% of bacteria are sterilized. No additional medication is needed and no residue is generated.
It is most effective when being used in home with infants to improve living environment mainly because immunity of infants is weak.

  User's convenience is the most important point in the development process. To this end, we developed an innovative design and made it possible to be used as a handheld and hands-free type, and developed it rechargeable.

   In addition, the PET market is growing rapidly around the world. As the number and types of pets coexisting with humans have increased, and the concept of "companion animals" has changed with the life beyond the pets, there is an increasing need to improve the living environment of the pets.
   Vray is an ultraviolet sterilizer that can be used without limitation, and can maximize the effect when sterilizing pet products.



[Product Features]


1. Multi-use without restrictions
- Sterilizing of child care products such as stroller, car seat, toy,
- Large area sterilization such as bed, carpet, dinner table

2. Rechargeable ultraviolet sterilizer
Continuous use for more than 100 minutes with -3 hour charge
- Not only in the room, but also inside the car, outdoors, when camping

5 minute, 10 minute and 30 minute timer settings

3. Equipped with 8W ultraviolet lamp from PHILIPS

4. Ultraviolet safety device
- Auto power off function when exposed to ultraviolet rays
- Auto power off function optional

5. Hands-free and hand-held available 

Company Information

company information
Contact Person YUNJU KIM
Company PrimeTech CO., LTD
Address 607, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Homepage www.vray.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/primetech--EC127154
Tel 024139192 Fax 024139193
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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