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[Company Introduction]

NORMA is leading whole network security field of wireless network, IoT, endpoint to make people network conveniently and safely.

 1) Security Technology Research and Development

  -  Researching the Latest Technologies of Wireless Network, Endpoint, and IoT Security

  -  Development of Technology According with the Latest Trend

  -  Cooperation with WIPS, Vaccine, and Global IT Companies

2) Planning and Propulsion Advanced Concept Service

  -  Planning New Services to Enhance Market Competitiveness

  -  Propulsion of Universal Services to Realize Security in Whole Fields

  -  Supply Services through Global Telecommunication Companies

3) Leading Domestic and Overseas Markets

  - Planning and Proposal of Technologies and Services Globally Applicable

  - Utilization of Professional Sales and Marketing Manpower

  - Realization of Customer Satisfaction


*Business Model

 -   Core Technology of Wireless Network Security

   ∙ Basic Patents of Wireless Security

   ∙ Professional Solution ‘AtEar’ and ‘MoVi’

 -   Practical IoT Security Service

   ∙ Cloud Wireless Security Service

   ∙ IoT Security Service with CJ HelloMobile

 -   Marketing for Global Markets

   ∙ Smoothly Pioneering Overseas Markets through Duzon Japan and Duzon Bizon

   ∙ Pioneering Markets through Multinational Telecommunication companies and Partner

     in North America

  -   Market Dominant Partners

   ∙ Securing Multiple Channel through COMAS doing strategic investment in NORMA

   ∙ Offering Wireless and IoT Security Solution and Service to the

      Whole Domestic  Telecommunication Companies

  -   References of Enterprise Customers

   ∙ Large companies, Public Institutions, and a lot of Securities Companies

[Company History]

                  2011) Establishment

           Oct, 2011) Development of Wi-Fi Security Solutions

                   2012) Exclusive Contract for Wi-Fi Diagnostic Solutions

            Jul, 2013) Venture Business Registration

                            - Establishment of an Attached Research Lab

           Oct, 2013) Development of Samsung “BigFi” Project

       2013 ~ 2016) “Green Wi-Fi”

       2013 ~ 2016) Inspection of Wireless Vulnerabilities for AtEar, Android

                             Security Module Development and Supply

                            (Supplied Companies: Samsung Electronics,

                                                                 Ministry of National Defense, 

                                                                 Korean Rail Network Authority,

                                                                 Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power,

                                                                 Local Police Agencies, etc.)

             Jul, 2015) Capital Gain of 1.1 Billion Won

 Jul, 2015 ~ 2016) Member of IoT Security Alliance and OCEAN Society

Dec, 2015 ~ 2016) Special Permission

                    2016) Progression of IoT Security Module Development and Prototype

[Product Description]

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) is typical solution to protect wireless network environment. However, there are limits of its initial installation cost and operation coverage which means inspection cannot be conducted in blind spots. AtEar is a solution to overcome those limits. AtEar(Software) is a movable solution for wireless vulnerability inspection to overcome limits in blind spots.

AtEar is a solution to overcome those limits.

AtEar(Software) is a movable solution for wireless vulnerability inspection to overcome limits in blind spots.

- It can check current situation of wireless network only by simple scanning and can

  analyze security vulnerabilities of wireless infrastructure by applying penetration

  testing (Pen-Testing) function.

 - It offers clear reports about analysis history.


A lot of companies such as Samsung, KT, Ministry of National Defense, A few local Police Agencies, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, and Korea Rail Network Authority purchase AtEar because of reasons above. Ultimately, it makes your company construct safer wireless network environment and perform tasks effectively.

Through policy guideline offering function, it suggests current wireless network security method. It helps companies aiming to obtain wireless security policy authorization (ISMS, ISO 27001).


There are ‘AtEar Enterprise Pro’, ‘AtEar Enterprise Server’, and android application ‘AtEar Enterprise Mobile’ in AtEar Product. In case of AtEar Enterprise Mobile, we can only use it or use it along with AtEar Enterprise Pro according to user’s request.


[Product Features]

AtEar Pro (Software)

∙ CPU : intel Core i5 Processor

∙ HDD : 128GB solid-state Drive

∙ OS : Linux(Ubuntu)

∙ Wireless Bandwidth: 2.5 ~ 5.0 GHz

∙ Protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

∙ Linux-Based Software installed in Laptop Computer

∙ Detailed Monitoring Wireless Network

∙ Sophisticated Vulnerability Analysis with Pen-Testing Function

∙ Reporting and Offering Comments Based on Policies


AtEar Mobile (Software)

∙ CPU : QuadCore(1.4Ghz x4)

∙ OS : Android 4.0 or Later

∙ Monitoring and Checking Detailed AP Information (MAC, SSID, etc.)

∙ Location Tracing and Removal of Unauthorized AP with Sound and Vibration Effects

∙ Data Linkage with AtEar Pro

∙ Reporting and Offering Security Policy Comments


AtEar Server (Software)

∙ CPU : Xeon Quad Core 3.1Ghz OS : Linux

∙ Memory : 4G HDD : 500G

∙ Various Analysis of Data Collected in Wireless Inspecting through Pro and Mobile

∙ Integrated Management of Log

∙ Inspection History Management by Region


*Superiority of Technology

This company applied for multiple patents, and two patents are registered now.


Multiple-Signal AP Detection Technology

It detects dangerous AP generating more than 2 SSIDs or Mac signals from one AP. This is published in VTC-spring'12, the international conference thesis.


Wireless Threat of Attack Detection Technology

It detects threats on wireless network by applying both unauthorized users' wireless attack detecting algorithm and algorithm checking whether WIPS operates normally or not.


Penetration Testing (Pen-Testing)

It checks possibility of wireless intrusion attack and threats beforehand by performing not only simple Key Cracking and Network Hacking, but also Vulnerability Firmware Version Check(iptime, D-link Model) and Inner Network Separation automatically.


Device Classification Technology

It scans wireless devices and classifies according to the types(Normal AP, Soft AP, Mobile AP, Wibro Terminal(Egg)). After that, it collects the information and design newly as DB form, so we can understand AP, Station type and model name.


Wireless Security Policy (ISMS, ISO27001, NORMA) Guideline

It detects AP’s risk degree according to the policy (ISMS, ISO 27001). It represents safety level of evaluated AP as ‘High’, ‘Middle’, and ‘Safe’. You can check reports by changing policy and utilize as guideline for getting ISMS, ISO 27001 certifications.

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Company Information

company information
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