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(Updated : Jan/20/2017)
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[Company Introduction]

1. It was a lonely path for decades that ran on the informationalization of quality control only. In retrospect, our path was the system, and it became a key factor in corporate competitiveness. As right now, with many customers, our path is not lonely anymore.

  Now, we will evolve into a better company with deeper responsibility of quality information. Our company contributes to the improvement of quality and work efficiency through the realization of advanced information and communication technology for customer's business in the field of information infrastructure foundation of enterprise customers.

  Moreover, we are trying our best to contribute to the improvement of the quality competitiveness by building application software solution, technical support and information consulting in areas where customers need high technology of e-business such as QMS, PLM, CRM, SRM etc.

2. Field of Business

* Integrated Quality Management System Strategy

- "Create hidden profits by converting DATA into company knowledge"

- Sharing and utilizing data, information, technology, experience, knowledge, know-how

- Creative Quality Management Support System by Creative Improvement Activities through Intellectualization

- Cost improvement integrated quality management system promotion strategy through continuous quality improvement

[Product Description]

1. Structure of informatization

Solva Technology recognizes that information management system is a key success factor for a system that can substantially improve the competitiveness of product development in the developmental process of QMS over the years and focused on building a QMS system to support it We have tried to develop the computerization. We have developed and supplied a unique model of SOLVA technology called APQP Based QMS. In addition, we will continue to develop QMS as an enterprise's core value (VALUE) for information management system to improve product development quality.

APQP-based QMS

- A system that can consistently deliver customer requests from the development process

- Systems where past experience can be reflected in the development of new products

1) Maintenance and expansion of customer information

2) The process of switching to valid information for FAILURE

3) Use of past information in product development


2. Product Lifecycle System Concept

1) Consistent linkage information should be generated during the development phase

   - Ensure the use of mass production process of development stage standard (FMEA, C / Plan, work standard, inspection standard, ..)

2) Improved information through problem solving in mass production process should be revised and used as next development information

   - The experience gained from the mass production (past) problem should be managed by changing the standard of the mass production process and stored in the past problem database so that it can be utilized as information of the subsequent development process.

   - It is necessary to build a FEED-BACK system of information that can improve the ability of problem solving and development ability by preventing the recurrence of past problems by improving the product development process.

3. Basic Structure of APQP Based QMS System Information

1) Product development> Prototypes> Preliminary mass production> Mass production> Information integration management on customer's life cycle

   - Ensure that business processes are conducted for customer satisfaction

   - Establishment of an information system that can monitor and track the work progress

2) Problem-solving process for continuous improvement and utilization of acquired knowledge should be guaranteed

   - Monitoring / evaluation / analysis / improvement and tracking system of problems arising in the course of work

   - APQP support system where integrated data base information is used as development process information

Company Information

company information
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