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(Updated : Jan/20/2017)
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[Company Introduction]

1. It was a lonely path for decades that ran on the informationalization of quality control only. In retrospect, our path was the system, and it became a key factor in corporate competitiveness. As right now, with many customers, our path is not lonely anymore.

  Now, we will evolve into a better company with deeper responsibility of quality information. Our company contributes to the improvement of quality and work efficiency through the realization of advanced information and communication technology for customer's business in the field of information infrastructure foundation of enterprise customers.

  Moreover, we are trying our best to contribute to the improvement of the quality competitiveness by building application software solution, technical support and information consulting in areas where customers need high technology of e-business such as QMS, PLM, CRM, SRM etc.

2. Field of Business

* Integrated Quality Management System Strategy

- "Create hidden profits by converting DATA into company knowledge"

- Sharing and utilizing data, information, technology, experience, knowledge, know-how

- Creative Quality Management Support System by Creative Improvement Activities through Intellectualization

- Cost improvement integrated quality management system promotion strategy through continuous quality improvement

[Product Description]

1. Overview of QM-MES

Real-Time Production Control System

  Establishment of plans considering finished products and products, prediction of work completion time, real-time monitoring of facility operation rate and resources, flexible response to work priority within a given planning period, and information sharing in real time.

Track production history and quality

  It is possible to trace the raw materials, process route, facilities, operators, working conditions, inspection conditions and results, quality inspection contents, and shipment history required for product production.

Process control and quality control

  Easily transfer data such as processing specifications, inspection specifications, packaging and printing specifications of production products to the worker, and deliver the results to the preceding process immediately when the quality trend is deviated or abnormal symptoms occur.

Real-time production performance management and progress management

  In order to match the physical and system information of the material and the product, the data input between the process movement is acquired by the automatic recognition system rather than the manual operation, and provide the arrangement state of all the resources, equipment, and status information

Documentless communication and decision

  Since processing of instructions and result report from production plan to production performance registration is processed in system, communication and result report are performed quickly and accurately without any loss.

Productivity and yield management

  Based on production results and facility operation status, productivity and yield for each process, equipment, and worker are calculated and statisticalized. Process improvement and improvement of defects cause improvement in productivity and yield.

 Integrated management of workers, facilities and systems.

 Standardization and porting it to the system minimizes the operation of the operator, and the equipment integration target includes the manufacturing facilities and inspection equipments equipped with PLC, the measuring equipments or equipments, the transportation equipments and the packing equipments.

Integration between system tiers

   Establish integrated information system by interfacing standard information, planning, instruction information, and performance information for system operation with ERP, SCM, APS, and QMS, which are the upper systems of MES, and control level systems

* Background and purpose of QM BASED MES

- Quality management (QM) system requires change from detection management to preventive management system

- Preventive management system requires quick action by real-time information

- It is required to integrate the information management system on the production site based on the continuous improvement QM system.

* QM BASED MES information structure

- Operation of the process of managing quantity (quantity) based on quality (quality) and continuous improvement system of customer satisfaction is required

- Based on QM system of continuous improvement, MES function which is real-time information management system of production site is configured.

- Monitoring / evaluation / analysis / improvement of process for quality management and establishment of integrated information management system

2. Configuring QM-MES

It integrates the functions necessary for the manufacturing process to identify the real-time status based on all occurrences of the factory, perform and manage the planned tasks, track and manage the consistency of the on-site standards, and monitor and control the quality.

* System structure of continuous improvement of customer satisfaction by QM Based MES

* Implement continuous improvement system by process (4M) DATA management

- Process management according to latest quality standard with conformity

- Provide optimal process condition extraction data by process (4M) data in LOT unit

3. Configuration of QM-MES

-H / W configuration


-S / W configuration


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company information
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