Aluminum window that have Hidden Rail System(Pd No. : 3077724)

(Updated : Feb/15/2017)
product information
Model Nm AWD-HR240
HS CODE 761010
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Keywords Aluminum Sliding window, Hidden rail system, Energy saving Prevention of fine dust, High water tight
Seller ID sonusys

[Company Introduction]

History of SONUSYS

SONUSYS is trying to make high efficiency aluminum window through development and research since established in 2001.

As a result, SONUSYS launched new window with "hidden rail system" for the first time in the world.

01. 2015 Acquisition of GC (Green Certification)

01. 2015 Acquisition of EPC (Excellent Performance Certification)

01. 2014 Acquisitio of KS (Korea Standard)

03. 2012 Acquisition of Ministry of Environment's Eco-label

11. 2011 Acquisition of ISO 14001

09. 2010 EVITZ brand launching 

03. 2008 Acquisition of NEP (New Excellent Product)

03. 2004 Acquisition of NET (New Excellent Technology)

10. 2003 Awarded energy winner of building material

05. 2003 Acquisition of ISO 9001

01. 2001 Established the SONUSYS Co., Ltd,

Vision of SONUSYS

Our goal is to create a warm social culture for mankind with an innovation product.

SONUSYS’s philosophy is as follows.

1. To maximize the customer satisfaction by offering the product and service that can satisfy the needs and demands of customers.

2. To offer the technology that has an innovative and indefinite value by maximizing the research and development investment.

SONUSYS’s strategy is as follows.

1. To have open mind for overseas expansion.

2. To enhance technical level through continuous investment.

3. To increase sales through various marketing in domestic and foreign.

Representative Business Model

SONUSYS manufactures an aluminum window that is eco-friendly and high energy efficient included sliding, system window and door, curtain wall.

SONUSYS’s customer is as follows.

1. Supply to government branch.

2. Supply to construction firm.

3. Supply to customer.

[Product Description]

The world’s first new technology “Hidden Rail System”

SONUSYS products use rail covers in order to conceal the lower parts of window. Through this newly developed system, it will be possible to contribute to clean and neat lower parts of window system. Moreover, our new products improve insulation performance, water tightness, air tightness, wind resistance, and anti-condensation.

[Product Specification]

  • Grade of energy efficiency consumption : 1 (0.889 W/m2•K)
  • Width of frame : 240 mm
  • Material of frame : Aluminum and PVC
  • Opening type : Double sliding
  • Composition of glass : 24 mm low-e (5 clear + 14Ar + 5 LE)
  • Material of spacer : Insulated spacer

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Park, Ki-deok
Company Sonusys Co., Ltd.
Homepage www.sonusys.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/sonusys--EC059317
Tel 0319842349 Fax 0319844777
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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South East Asia Business Mission Jakarta(Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) 2017-03-14 ~ 2017-03-16
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