Transparent lock device for fitting(Pd No. : 3077447)

(Updated : Jan/13/2017)
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Model Nm SF-LFD
HS CODE 392690
Keywords Fitting, valve, toxic gas, lock device, semiconductor, production equipment, leakage accident
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[Company Information]

1. History

- Dec. 2013: Establishment of SSOLLOK

- Apr. 2014: Started to supply transparent lock device for fitting to Samsung   


- Dec. 2014: Selected as a preferred promotional company by Gwangju Techno Park

- Mar. 2015: Certified as a venture business (No. 20150400208)

- Apr. 2015: Moved into BI center of GIST Technology Institute / changed into

                   corporation (Apr. 1st)

- May. 2015: Co-developed fitting loosening prevention system with Hyundai Motor

                   Hydrogen Vehicle Development Team

- Aug. 2015: Designated as a Q-Mark company (KTC)

- Oct. 2015: Capital increase (50 million won → 100 million won)/ Established

                   affiliated research institute

- Nov. 2015: Awarded the prize of 2015 Korea’s best patents

- Dec. 2015: Selected as a collaborative company (No. 2015-18 by the Small &

                   Medium Business Administration) / ISO 9001 certified

- Apr. 2016: Movement of the head office (Commercialization Bldg. 2, Gwangju

                   Techno Park, Gwangju R & D Special Zone)

- Apr. 2016: Transfered the manufacturing technology of hydrogen sensor (to

                   Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, 100 million won)

- May. 2016: Selected as an innovation product by the Creative Innovation Town

                    (Valve Handle Protection Cap)

- Sep. 2016: Participated in the technology development and demonstration project

                    for localization of hydrogen fusion station (for 5 years)

- Oct. 2016: Certified as a research institute (Gwangju Federated Technology

                     Holding), signed an investment agreement (Gwangju City)

- Dec. 2016: Awarded venture start-up revitalization prize from the Minister of

                    Commerce, Industry and Energy

2. Vision

  SSOLLOK Co., Ltd. specializes in safety parts of industrial equipment. To prevent industrial accidents caused by toxic gas leak at industrial sites, SSOLLOK developed the first transparent lock device for fitting in the world, which can be attached to piping and fittings to maintain the fastened state, prevent loosening, and visually confirm the toxic gas leakage for the workplaces use toxic gas.

  Currently, we have transferred the manufacturing technology of hydrogen sensor from Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology to develop hydrogen sensor for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Based on the company culture of passion, wisdom, sincerity, precision, honesty and execution, the vision of SSOLLOK Co., Ltd. is to provide higher value to the customers in various business areas such as industrial, automotive, household products, etc. We will try to become the No.1 Global enterprise of Industrial Safety Product Solution.

3. Representative Business Model

- Transparent lock device for fittings and valve handle protection cap, which are the main products of SSOLLOK Co., Ltd., are being supplied to Samsung and SK Hynix through our distribution partners such as Saman Tech and Two In Tech Co., Ltd.

- Hydrogen leakage detection kit for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is currently under development with the support of Hyundai Motor Hydrogen Vehicle Development Team. The product will be delivered to Hyundai Motor at the time of launching.

4. Major Partners

- SSOLLOK Co., Ltd. is the 3rd subsidiary with the investment of Gwangju Federated Technology Holding.

- The company contracted the investment agreement with Gwangju City

- Distribution partners include Saman Tech, Two In Tec, and Ses Tech.

- Receiving technical support from Hyundai Motor Hydrogen Vehicle Development Team

[Product Description]

1. Product Introduction

- Lock device for fitting is composed of casing and fastening parts. The casing prevents the rotation of fittings and keeps the fastening state. It tightens the fastening parts by tightening fittings to prevent loosening.

2. Usage and applications

- Prevents loosening of fittings and accidental leakage of toxic gas by setting to the fittings used in semiconductor production facilities

- Standard products can be installed in 100% of the fittings without restriction of narrow space or various interferences

- Transparent non-combustible product that can be visually examined while operating after installing lock device

- It is easy to install and installable without affecting quality between live operations

No need to use separate tools for installation / uninstallation

[Product Features]

1. Features

- Excellent functionality and convenience with original form

- Easy to install at the front of valve

- Easy to identify visually the connecting part of fitting material with transparent material

2. Stability: dual loosening prevention structure

3. Material: polycarbonate

- High heat resistance, weather resistance, and impact resistance

- Transparent material

- Transparent grating material used in semiconductor Fab

4. 2015 Excellent Eco-Friendly Product of Samsung Electronics

5. Q-Mark Products

6. Product Specification and Model

- For fitting: SF-LDF 1/4 "

- For valves: SV-LDF 1/4 "

Company Information

company information
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Homepage http://seller.buykorea.org/sohlrak--EC130436
Tel 062-973-6889 Fax
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