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[Company Introduction]


-Establishment: AUGUST 1956

-Headquarter: SOUTH KOREA

-Capital: USD 10 Million

-Revenue: USD 150 Million (2014)


-Personnel: 400 (EXCLUDING OVERSEAS)



1956.08. Ohan Industry founded

1963.10. Company name changed into Samwha Electrical Industry,  Inc.

Began production of High Voltage & Low Voltage Power Capacitor for the first

time in Korea

1964.04. Began Motor Capacitor production at first in Korea

1968.08. Company name  changed to Samwha Capacitor

1970.01. Certified KS Mark for Low Voltage  Power Capacitor for the first time in Korea

              [C4801 No.423]

1976.06. Listed on Stock Market and opened Initial Public Offering

1977.01. Certified KS Mark for High and Extra High Voltage Power Capacitor

              [C4802 No.1524]

1979.09. Certified KS Mark for Motor Capacitor [C4805 No.1827]

1984.12. Moved the factory from Seoul to Yongin in Geanggido

1985.07. Began production of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

  Certified UL [E91154] and CSA [LR60366] for Disc Ceramic Capacitor [DCC]

1986.10. Certified UL [106435] for Film Motor Capacitor

1987.02. Established our own R&D Institute in Factory

1987.07. Certified TUV [R76500] for Microwave Oven Capacitor

1992.02. Began PTC Thermistor production

1999.10. Certified ISO9003 for Quality Control System

 [KS A 3002-1992/ ISO9002-1987]

2002.07. Certified ISO9002 for Quality Control System

  [KS A 9001-2001]

2004.10. Certified ISO14001 for Environment Management System

               [KS A 14001-2001]

2006.10. Certified ISO/TS 16949 for Quality Management System


*Strength of Samwha

1. KEPCO Trust Partner

2. ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS 16949 Certified

3. Successful Type Test Passed from internationally reputed testing laboratories periodically 

 - KERI(Korea)



 -VDE(Germany)

 -CPRI(India)

 -GB(China)

 -ENIN(Russia)

4. Reliable high Quality in the field of Transmission & Distribution

Keep the highest level of cleanliness in production line

-Motoring everyday, every subpart


-Everywhere QC Tools application

-Quality control circles

-Clearing activities

5. Equipped with Reliability Testing Lab by IEC, IEEE

-Samwha establish all Special test (Endurance test) facilities and verify manufacturing reliability at every moments : Ageing test, Overvoltage cycling test

6. Provide One by One Customized Capacitor Bank Design

* Main Customers

Over 40 Countries out of Korea


Market Leader in Korea


* Experience












[Product Description

1. Capacitor Bank

1) General Capacitor Bank


 Capacitor Bank is an economical method of reducing High reactance of high and extra high voltage lines. And it controls the voltage level supplied by reducing or eliminating the voltage drop and increase power transfer system.

 Capacitor Bank is relatively inexpensive and can be easily installed with all accessories anywhere on the network.

*Capacitor Bank benefits to Increase power transmission capability

                                             Improve system stability

                                             Reduce system losses

                                              Improve voltage profile on the lines

                                              Optimize power flow between parallel lines



2) Harmonic Filter Capacitor Bank


Most types of equipment in electrical systems generate harmonics. Harmonics is not only found in industrial networks. It can spread into the distribution system and cause problems for other customers. Each plant is unique and needs its own special technical solution to prevent it. Harmonic Filter Bank usually consists of a capacitor which is connected in series with a reactor. The components are dimensioned to create a series resonance circuit for a required frequency.

We can help you to calculate and design filters which will reduce interference and interruption on your network.

*Harmonic Filter Bank benefits to

                               Improve power factor, voltage stability

                                Reduce line loss

                                Filter harmonics in the system

                               Avoid resonance problems and amplification of electrical disturbances



2. Capacitor Bank Type

1) Cubicle Capacitor Bank

*Application & Construction

This is a fixed reactive compensation system for individual motor compensation. There is a range of metal enclosed capacitor banks for a variety of medium voltage applications. The product range consists of indoor and outdoor solutions, which can be single step fixed of multi-step switched. According to the requirement, it is possible to include also Inrush current reactors or other protections and measuring elements. It will automatically compensate the network to maintain a preset level of power factor.

*Available Options

-Circuit Breaker

-Disconnect Switch

-Earthing Switch

-Inrush or Detuning reactor

-Discharge Coil

-Unbalance Protection

-Automatic Power Factor Controller



2) Open-rack Capacitor Bank

*Application & Construction

The Samwha Open-rack Capacitor Banks are primarily used to improve the power factor in the network. Improving the power factor also means a higher power transmission capability and increased control of the power flow.

They will also improve the voltage stability and reduce network losses. The installation of capacitors in a transmission or distribution network.

*Open-rack Capacitor Bank benefits to

                                    Reduce network losses

                                    Increase voltage stability

                                    Improve power quality

                                    Limit or reduce charges for excess reactive power consumption.

                                    Increase load possibility on existing transmission lines and


The Samwha Open-rack Capacitor Bank type is the most common capacitor bank and available with internally fused capacitor units.


3) Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank

*Application & Construction

 The Samwha Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank provide voltage support, reduce system losses, improve power factor in the distribution systems. The installation is in distribution systems.

*Composition equipments

                                     Cut-off Switch

•Capacitor Switch         

•Surge  Arrester

•Voltage Transformer




3. Capacitor Bank Protection 


1) NVS (Neutral Voltage Sensor)


Capacitor Bank is needed to set proper protection systems to protect capacitor bank against faults occurring within the bank    including those inside the capacitor units, and to protect capacitor bank against system disturbances and faults. Generally, the method of detecting neutral value [voltage or current]  is selected as the protection for capacitor bank system.

* Application

 NVS is the protection system using voltage unbalance signals to alarm or shut down the capacitor bank in case of faults that may lead to significant damages. To measure the unbalance of voltage, the neutral voltage-sensing device (NVS) is used.

-Ungrounded Single Wye Banks: It detects the unbalance voltage between capacitor neutral and resistance which is connected with capacitor. NVS of defecting voltage is changeable according to the number of internal series in capacitor.

-Ungrounded Double Wye Banks: It is the same protection method as ungrounded single Wye Bank. The difference is that it defects the unbalanced voltage between the two neutrals and it needs to use overvoltage relay.

2) NCT [Neutral Current Transformer]

* Application

NCT is the protection system using unbalanced current on neutrals composed in Double Wye Capacitor Banks signals to alarm or shut down the banks. To measure the unbalance of current, the current transformer with low current value is used. The current transformer ration and relay rating are selected for the desired sensitivity.

NCT protection system is normally used on wide range of level from high to extra voltage capacitor banks and can detect faults in all kinds of capacitor units. Current Transformer with rated current value 1 is manufactured, therefore it is useful to protect Capacitor Bank with internal fuse which has low fault current on neutral.


Company Information

company information
Contact Person LEE SEONGSOO
Address 124, Buk-ri, Namsa-myun, Yongin-si, Kyunggido, Korea
Homepage www.samwha.com/capacitor , http://seller.buykorea.org/samwha-capacitor--1027602
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