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(Updated : Jan/23/2017)
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[Company Introduction]

Hylium industries is a manufacturer of liquid hydrogen and helium,

cryogenic liquid storage vessels and cryogenic accessories.

Our company, with the help of Korea Institute of science and technology (KIST),

was founded to complement or substitute foreign cryogenic technologies here in Korea.

Today, almost all cryogenic technology in Korea has to be imported from abroad.

Some cryogenic technologies, such as those related to liquid hydrogen,

are difficult to import or cannot be imported due to trade embargoes on military related technologies.

Our expertise will allow researchers, companies or the military, to complete

their projects efficiently and in a timely manner without having 10 deal with import fees and technology import restrictions. Our company will contribute 10 the local markets here in Korea and to the global cryogenic industry.


[Product Description]

- Mobile liquid hydrogen based refueling system

- Carrying large amount of hydrogen (300 ~ 2,000L LH2)

- Hydrogen filling for 25 vehicles at 700bars

- Transport high-purity hydrogen ( more than 99.99%)

- Low investment capital to hydrogen infrastructure

- Possible to combine with battery charging system for electric vehicles

- Sponsored by Hyundai Motor Co. and Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Seo Young Kim
Company Hylium Industries, INC
Homepage www.hylium-industries.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/hylium-industries--EC121663
Tel 0216700609 Fax 07047624010
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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International Manufacturing Technology (PPURI) Fair 2018 2018-04-25 ~ 2018-04-26
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