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(Updated : Jan/12/2017)
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Model Nm CSD7
HS CODE 850440
M.O.Q 1
Ceritification CE
Keywords Index, EtherNet , Full Closed Loop Control, CSD7 Pulse, Analog / EtherCAT
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[Company Introduction]

1. Overview

RS Automation was established with the new brand name “Reliable & Smart” in January 2010 based on 30 years control automation experience from global companies such as Samsung Electronics and Rockwell Automation.


-1985: Manufactured and distributed Hitachi PLC H Series under a technical partnership, Samsung Aerospace

-1989: Launched PLC SPC-300 Series, Samsung Aerospace Launched Servo CSD Series, Samsung Electronics Started the automation business, Samsung Electronics Manufactured and distributed YASKAWA Inverter under a technical partnership, Samsung Aerospace

-1992: Launched PLC NX700 Series, Samsung Electronics

-1995: Launched Inverter Moscon-E3 Series

-2002: Launched PLC NX Series, CSD3 Series

-2004: Launched OEMAX Brand Products in the overseas markets

-2007: Renamed Rockwell Automation Korea

Launched OEMAX Brand in Korea

-2010: Launched Servo CSD5, PLC NX7G Series

Established RS Automation

-2011: Launched PLC NX7R Series

-2012: Launched PLC X8 Series, MMC-X

-2014: Launched Servo CSD7 Series, MMC-EtherCAT

2. Vision

Global Top 5 control solution provider

3. Representative business model

A. Focused Automation Solution

Robot Motion Controller

Network Controller

Drive & Power

B. Engineering & Manufacturing Service

OEM/ODM/Brand Labeling

Technology Licensing

4. Main partners

-Our capabilities include a partner network of more than 50 regional and 15 global distributors.

       (USA, India, Turkey, Poland, England, Iran etc)

[Product  Description]

Application of real-time vibration suppression technology

Reducing the vibration by estimating the mechanical vibration that occurs at the edge of moving

parts when motion is completed

• Suppress the low frequency range vibration such as under the 100Hz

• Estimating the lots of frequencies by new algorithm applied and reducing the frequency that makes

mechanical vibration


The system that has vibration at the edge of the system when motion is over

[Product Features]

-Offering improved basic functions

-Provide high resolution motor with 23bit Encoder: Vibration reduction

-Gain Tuning-less Function

-A design considering safety and environment

-More comfortable and refined RSWare

-Supports close installing between products

-Smallest footprint, built-in Power, Servo Drive with high precision controlling

-Full Closed Loop Control

-Index function (Pulse/Analog command type)

-EtherNet-based real time motion network

[Product  Specifications]

1. CSD7 Series

① Pulse/Analog model

② EtherCAT model->EtherCAT-based real time motion control

2. Dimensions : 100W - 200W,   400W, 800W - 1.5KW

3. Cable Specifications

   ① Motor Power Cable - CSMT

② Motor Power Cable - CSMA

③ Motor Encoder Cable - CSMT

④ Motor Encoder Cable - CSMA

⑤ RS485 Cable

⑥ RS485 Termination Connector

⑦ I/O Cable - Pulse/Analog Model

⑧ I/O Cable - Network Model

       ⑨ EtherCAT Cable

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person AHNJONGCHAN
Company RS automation
Homepage www.rsautomation.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/rs-automation--1084224
Tel 0316859300 Fax 0316859500
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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World-class Product Show 2017 2017-11-23 ~ 2017-11-23
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