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(Updated : Mar/11/2016)
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HS CODE 848120
Ceritification Team Korea Products
ISO14001, TS16949.
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[Company Introduction]

Samkee Automotive, established in 1984, has been steadily growing with the development of automobile parts industry as the leader of Korean aluminum die casting industry, on the basis of outstanding technical skills and quality. As the primary partner of Hyundai Motor Group, who is leading the current domestic economy as the number 1 in the vehicle industry, we are producing and selling aluminum components used in the driving sector of automobile engine. Engines and transmission components require challenging design and production technology, since they are classified as technological and capital-intensive. In particular, VALVE BODY, which is attached inside transmission as the core of automobile gear shifting and DCT, has recently become a hot issue within the field of transmission. It is a product which has a very complex figuration and requires challenging technical skills, and our company is taking the lead in this market currently.

   Internationally, the automobile industry, while targeting emerging markets like China and India and putting its effort in promoting sales, is increasing the size of its market through development of new product and walking the way of coexistence, instead of meaningless competition. Our company also, in line with the international flow, is making ceaseless efforts to continuously understand the needs of customers, and annually increase investment to create future values.

   Our company has been intensively investing into factory site expansion and facility for the last couple of years to pioneer foreign market in order to analyze existing sales importance and fulfill better profit. As a result, our company was acknowledged of our productivity and technical skills, and is currently developing and mass producing after directly receiving order worth 273 billion from global automobile companies, such as Volkswagen and GM.

[ Product Description ]

Part’s Function

: The VALVE BODY contains a maze of channels and receives pressurized hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump, to drive clutch and brake actuators for optimal band servo ratio.

[ Product Features ]

-Material: ADC12

-Technology: AL die-casting

-Components: VALVE BODY Inner, Middle, Outer

     Inner                     Middle                          Outer

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Sim Ho Jun
Company Samkee Automotive
Homepage www.samkee.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/samkee-automotive--EC074540
Tel 0314910341 Fax 0316820808
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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